Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WW 2012: my love

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend that Just Passed

Ok, I'm now at the Ford service Centre alone. This is my first time here alone. Normally my Darling Hubby takes care of all things related to the car or we come together. But today, he can't take leave. So here I am waiting for the car. According to them The car will be ready in 3 hours. I've only be waiting for 30 minutes of the 3 hours and I'm already feeling sleepy. So,to kill time, let's blog about what we did last weekend. On Saturday morning, Shah went to play badminton with his friends from Uni*ten. Maisarah and I stayed home. The little Princess watched Disney Junior while I got down to doing some exercise. I managed to do 40 minutes of circuit training consisting of star jumps, lunges, crunches, push ups, oblique crunches and burpees. The first round I did 30 repetitions each and the second round I did 20 repetitions each. By the end of the 40 minutes I was drenched in sweat. On workdays I normally spend 20-25 minutes doing 2 rounds of star jumps, squats, crunches, pushups, shoulder bridge and burpees with 20 reps in each round. However, I don't exercise every day. just alternate days. Ok, so back to our weekend. Shah got back at 10.30 am and after he showered we went to Our usual weekend hang out, Alamanda. I had one main mission in mind, to get me a special 'apple'. You see, I was away the previous weekend on a management retreat to Lenggeng which was 40 minutes from Uni*ten and like 10 minutes from Semenyih. But,the phone reception there was like I was far away in a remote jungle. There were Maxis coverage intermittently but my current phone showed no coverage at all. And to make things worse, somehow when I woke up in Lenggeng the phone decided to reset itself and I lost all contacts, photos and most importantly the video from Maisarah's first school concert. I can't remember if I have copied the video onto my laptop. But in any case the original is lost forever. Anyway, cutting the story short, I have gotten a phone to complement my iPad. With iCloud, hopefully I will not be losing any more precious photos or videos. Alright, back to the Saturday story, we spent the rest time in Alamanda buying goggles and swim cap for Maiarah's first swim class as well as grocery shopping. That night I cooked Ikan tiga rasa for the first time. I must say it is not at all difficult and Shah was happy with the meal I cooked.

Sunday started early. We were out by 8 am because I wanted to hit the gym earlier than my weekly schedule of 9 am. I worked out for 75 minutes and then hit the showers. I was ready by 10 am for some breakfast before we headed to the swimming pool at Precinct 16, Putrajaya. Maisarah was going to attend her first swim class at 11 am. She was all excited at first, learning to flap her feet, blow bubbles in the water and semi-float (with the instructor holding her slightly) in the pool. But halfway through the class she was cold and made excuses to stop. First, she wanted to pee but when we got to the bathroom she didn't go. Then, she was hungry. She excuses included about her goggles being too tight and the she didn't like wearing the swim cap. Anyway, she stayed till the end of the one hour after Shah and I reasoned with her. We also sort of bribed her to go to Alamanda (again) for lunch.

After lunch, she was in a more jovial mood and by night time she was teaching her teddies (whom she refers to as her kids) the lessons she learnt from the swim class. She was also excited to go to the class next week. I hope she will like the classes and learn fast to be a good swimmer, unlike her mommy. I've just got to remember to feed her well before the class and get her a swim suit that is like the diver suit so that she won't get cold easily. So, that was our last weekend in a post. Oh gosh, I still have another two hours to kill here at Ford. What should I do next? Hmmm.... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Resuming My 'Get Fit' Mission

In January 2011, I had turned a new leaf and started exercising by joining a Pilates class in PJ. I got addicted to Pilates and looked forward to go to the class every saturday. After moving to Kajang, I tried my best to continue with the classes in PJ. Alas, in September 2011, I called it quits because the weekly travel to PJ was impractical for Shah, Maisarah and I. Hence, I wasn't exercising towards the end of last year. This caused my weight to rise from 57 to 60 kgs. Somehow in December, I got to know from a colleague that a Celebrity Fitness gym was opening in January 2012 at The Mines which is 5 minutes drive from the house. So, enough said, I enrolled for a year at the gym. I've been going to the gym every Sunday for 2 hours since the first week of this year. The first hour is spent using the treadmill or cycling machine. Then I follow the Cardio Dance class in the studio. There are other classes such as yoga, zumba and pilates but the timing doesn't quite suit me.

*source Celebrity Fitness Malaysia

The gym enrollment entitled me to get 3 sessions with the gym's Personal Trainer. In the first session with the trainer, we did some tests to gauge my stamina, body fat and muscle composition. I had to burn 100 calories on the cycling machine within 15-20 minutes of cycling at 80rpm or higher. I managed to finish the test within the 20 minutes which meant my stamina is quite good but still can be improved. I got to know too that my body fat percentage is more than the advised 25% of my weight. Not a surprise there. So I must burn those fat. And I am lacking muscle in all parts of my body, in particular my legs. Again, not a surprise there. So, the trainer said that if I took 2 months of the Personal Training session wi her I would be able to reach my target weight of 55 kgs. But, a huge but here, I need to fork out another RM 3600 more for 24 session with the Personal Trainer.

 Having heard that, I decided that I will not sign on for the Personal Trainer session. Instead, I will now train myself every week by doing at least three session of Pilates at home or circuit training workouts which I have been reading about from the net. Also, I have found out from Ira's blog about an app to he lose weight my calculating the calories taken in from food and burnt from exercising. So since the 20th I have been religiously using this app and exercising at home. Alhamdulillah, today, after almost 2 weeks of this I have shed almost 1 kg and need to shed another 4 more to get to 55 kgs.

*recorded using myfitnesspal

So, wish me luck in my 'Get Fit' mission!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WW 2012 - Being 'Fishy' at KLCC

We took the opportunity of the long weekend to bring Maisarah to Aquaria.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WW 2012 - Gold Coast

No, not Australia, just Sepang. We went to Bagan Lalang for a day trip last Saturday. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad P.S. iPad is good as new after a visit to Digital Mall.
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