Friday, May 15, 2015

Pasta-lover and Sweet-toothed?

Last Sunday we went to my parents place. Shah had some work to settle so Maisarah, Irfan and I went out with my mom and brother for lunch cum Mother's Day treat at Serai restaurant. 

We mainly chose this restaurant because Maisarah wanted to eat their macarons and both of us wanted to have their delicious pavlova. Both of us have a sweet tooth and we are suckers for desserts. Shah is not fond of sweet things.

Before we had the sinful desserts, I had a  scrumptious seafood marinara while Maisarah had chicken mushroom carnonara. As you can tell, us girls are also lovers of pasta while Shah isn't. 

As for Irfan, we'll have to wait and see if he will join us, the pasta-loving-sweet-toothed girls, or his dad.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Throwback Thursday: My Two Babies

Shah and I are blessed that we now have two healthy children; a girl and a boy. Our family is complete, alhamdulillah. Although they are eight years apart, I pray that they will be best of buddies and that they take care of each other at all times. May they both grow up to be pious muslims that will make both Shah and I proud parents in dunya and akhirah, insha Allah. 

P/S: photo above are of Maisarah and Irfan a few hours after they were respectively brought into this world. Which one is Maisarah and which one is Irfan? That I leave it for you to guess.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Long Labour Day plus Wesak Weekend

The Plan
Plans for this long Labour Day plus Wesak Day weekend (1st to 4th May) was initiated by yours truly when I was still in confinement. At that time I remembered about the 4-day holiday, I was jumping up and down inside (well, I couldn't do it literally as I was in confinement) and told Shah that we must have a stay-cation at a hotel in KL or PJ.

A few weeks after the end of my confinement, I got to know that the Homedec exhibition was scheduled for the same long weekend. Well, enough said, that sealed the deal for the location of our stay-cation. We had to stay at a hotel as close as possible to the KL Convention Centre (KLCC).

So, my brilliant plan was for us to have our first vacation as a family of four whilst also securing great deals to furnish our new house at the Homedec fair. As we say in Malay 'sambil menyelam, minum air' or the English version 'killing two birds with one stone'.

The Preparation
I pitched the plan to Shah a few days before I started work, post-confinement. Alhamdulillah, Shah was sold on the plan (Phew!! First hurdle accomplished).

I managed to get a good bargain for a 3 day-2 nights stay at Impiana KLCC hotel. Surprisingly, the hotel website gave a better deal than (Second hurdle accomplished and a new lesson learnt - check hotel website as well as agoda/trivago to compare rates). We were all set for the stay-cation!

The Execution
Alhamdulillah, my darling Shah was generous enough to upgrade our room during check-in at the hotel. We got a very nice room on the top most floor with view of the KL Twin Towers. And, to top it off we had Club Lounge privilages - free afternoon tea and evening coktail. Woohoo!!

So, we had evening cocktail on both nights and had big breakfast on both mornings. We spent most of the time enjoying the room except for the time we had the succulent Saturday lunch at the Indian restaurant in Suria KLCC, the successful Sunday morning at Homedec, the delicious Sunday dinner at the hotel restaurant as well as the few hours spent enjoying the swim at the pool.

The Outcome
Our first vacation as a family of four was a total success. Yeay! All of us had fun. Irfan also had fun, I guess, as he wasn't fussy at all throughout the time. He slept most of the time while we were at Homedec which meant that we also succeeded to accomplish what we planned to secure for the house at great bargains. Double yeay!

The Summary
Two 'birds' sucessfully 'killed' with one 'stone'.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Three Years, One Month and Twenty Five Days On

.... since I last posted an entry here.

A LOT (and I do mean 'a lot') has happened. I will try to give snapshots of things that has happened to my small family and I as we go along but I won't be able to write all of them now in one entry. I need to get my writing engines warmed up first. Plus that will give me ideas for my next few posts.

So why did I stop blogging in 2012? 
Well, truth be told, life started becoming hectic and trying. I had not much time to write. At that time, I was just entrusted with management responsibilites at work and I was trying to find a balance between careerwoman, mommy and wife duties. Finding time to sit and blog was pushed way down to the bottom of the long 'To Do' list and finally the blog was abandoned.Even so, throughtout the time I was not blogging, there were instances when I yearned to pen down my thoughts and what was happening to us.

So, why start blogging again now?
Well, our little family has been blessed with a new addition. Since I documented Maisarah's (my first born princess) first few years here, it seemed fair that I also wrote on my little prince. Also, I just had the time to browse the App Store and found this Blogger App. Meaning I can now blog from my phone, any time, any where. I can even blog when I am breastfeeding my baby which is super awesome.

Finally, let me introduce our latest addition to the Anisa-Shah family which is baby Shah Irfan. Born 21st February 2015 at Tropicana Medical Centre. Irfan is now 10-weeks old and growing up healthily like a champ.

Irfan's birth had a story to it so stay tuned for that. Till then, adios!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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